P-Fund, Inc.
1299 4th Street
Suite 302
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone (415) 456-0900
Fax (415) 456-0906

Dealer Information

Thank you for your interest in using P-Fund as a Funding Source.

We have been approving truck and trailer loans for over 10 years and pride ourselves on the best service in the business.

We are a direct lender and do not broker out our loans. When you send us a credit application, we want to give you a quick response while the customer is still at your location. We generally can give you an answer within 30 minutes and will do everything possible to get your applicant approved.

What sets us apart from other Lenders:

  • Excellent service
  • Quick response
  • Same day funding
  • Direct Lender
  • Private Funds
  • We can approve your tough deals

We have many different programs available for your customers and can service A through D credits. Most Lenders can finance good credits, but we also specialize in the difficult deals. Our rates vary depending on the credit, experience, year of equipment and the down payment.

Our Tough Credit Program:

  • Prior Bankruptcy
  • First Time Owner Operator
  • Little Driving Experience
  • Low Fico Score
  • Past Credit Problems

We can overcome all these credit deficiencies with good down payments or additional collateral. (*additional collateral = Titles to trucks or trailers owned free and clear)

For difficult credits, we look for 30% down - The larger the down payment, the better the rate and easier the approval.

What we need to get you a quick response:

  1. Any standard credit application
  2. Spec. sheet including full vin. number
  3. Price of the truck, include tax and license if applicable
  4. Copy of customer's drivers license

How our process works on approved applications:

  1. You submit a customer
  2. We will fax you a proposal outlining the terms - Generally within 1 hour
  3. You send us an invoice
  4. We email you a set of loan documents - same day
  5. We will fund you the same day that we get back signed documents and insurance.
  6. With the applicants cooperation we can finish a deal in two business day. Our goal is to get you funded as quickly as possible.

Trailer Financing:

We can finance trailers, but we do require the title to a Truck as additional collateral. The customer must have title to a Truck owned free and clear that they can pledge as collateral.

We can often offer 100% financing on Trailers as long as there is a Truck as additional collateral. We do not have an age requirement on Dry Vans or Flatbeds, however Refrigerated Trailers must be 2002 or newer.

Dealer Participation:

We do not pay points directly, but you may add a finance charge to your invoice. As long as our fund amount does not exceed the N.A.D.A. loan amount, we do not have any restrictions.

Our Limitations:

  • $35,000 Max fund amount
  • Applicants with large outstanding tax liens ($10,000+)
  • More than $15,000 in outstanding credit card debt
  • Currently in Bankruptcy, if discharged - OK
  • Recent Truck repo

Please call us at (415) 456-0900, should you have any questions or would like to obtain additional information.